Imperfect Produce: Save Time, Money & The Environment

Hey moms (and dads)!

So, recently I’ve been looking for ways to make life just a little easier. When my car broke down and I was stuck at home with no way to get to the grocery store, I found a great solution!

Many years ago I worked for a company called Farm Fresh To You (FFTY). They specialized in delivering fresh, organic produce right to your door. While working for FFTY I also began to use their services.

It was pretty nice, but kind of pricey for the amount of produce the box contained. Still, it was convenient. At least that’s what I thought before moving into an apartment. The FFTY drivers would often not even try getting in the gate to deliver my box, even though I had left the code in the delivery instructions. After experiencing this a few times, I decided to ditch FFTY.

I was so bummed that FFTY didn’t work for me, and did a Google search to find other companies who offered a similar service. I had lost all hope until I discovered Imperfect Produce (IP). IP is very much akin to FFTY, but the boxes were so much cheaper and delivered at much more convenient times. Also, they had no problem getting into the gate. And now, with Amazon and IP, I barely need to leave the house to go shopping. Seriously, who knew shopping with a baby would be so nerve wracking? So much respect for you super moms out there who shop with three or four kids! I honestly have no idea how you do it.

Alright, let’s talk a bit about Imperfect Produce since I’m sure you have tons of questions.

Imperfect Produce

How Does It Work?

Every week, produce that is too “ugly” to be put on display in grocery stores is brought to IP and packed right into your box! Since what’s available will be different each week, a few days before your box is delivered you will receive an email to customize your box. My box, for example, is delivered on Monday, so I am able to customize it from 3pm on Thursday-11:59 on Friday the week before my scheduled delivery. You can choose what, and how much of each item, goes in your box. But make sure to read the quantity because you don’t want to accidentally order too much or too little of a particular item.

In addition to the amount, it will also show why the produce is not being sold in stores, and whether or not it is organic and non GMO.

If you’re not picky, or just like to be surprised, you don’t have to customize your box. It will arrive on your doorstep full of hand-picked goodies just for you. Most of the time I like to customize mine, but occasionally I decide to just be surprised and get to try things I normally wouldn’t buy.

The day of your delivery you will recieve a text with a link to track where your box is, and it’s approximate ETA.

You will also be texted when your box is dropped delivered. I wanted mine to be delivered at my front door, but if you want it dropped off somewhere else, you can specify in the delivery instructions.

And inside your box will be a beautiful assortment of fruits and veggies. BUT you can also get other items such as bread, flour, cereal, nuts, and so much more. In my next box I decided to add a bag of poppy seeds to put in my vegan breads and cakes.

Why Is It So Cheap?

1. The produce is often times locally sourced. Local seasonal fruits and veggies are always less expensive since they don’t need to be shipped from across the country, or imported from foreign countries.

2. It’s “ugly”. What I mean by this is that the produce you receive, though perfectly good, was deemed ugly, too big, too small, misshapen, in surplus, or not in high demand.

3. Did I mention that you’ll get $10 with your first purchase by clicking right  here?! You will also make another $10 each time someone makes a purchase using your referral link. Sounds like a killer deal to me!

Why Do I Use This Service?

1. It’s convenient! With a needy, breastfed three month old baby to care for, most days I can barely get off the couch to feed myself, let alone go grocery shopping. Getting a box from IP each week ensures that I will have delicious, nutritious snacks on hand every day.

2. It’s healthy! We all know that it is so much healthier to eat seasonal fruits and veggies. When customizing your box, each item will state where it came from. If buying locally sourced produce isn’t a concern for you, no need to even look. IP also has an option for an Organic box. Of course, that will cost a little more than one with non-organic produce. But hey, if cost isn’t an issue, go for it!

3. It’s cheap! Because I’m currently cooking for two adults, I get the medium-sized fruits and veggies box, which contains 11-13 pounds of produce. Including shipping, this only costs me about $20 for all my produce for the entire week. That’s a steal, especially considering you don’t even have to go outside!

4. It’s good for the environment! Because IP sends customers produce that grocery stores refuse to sell, using this service reduces food waste, thus is good for the environment.

What I Don’t Like

Not much really!

Last week I decided to try adding a few non produce items to my box such as poppy seeds, okara flour, dates, and almond milk. The poppy seeds and four were a great deal, but I wasn’t too impressed with the almond milk and dates. I only got a handful of dates. But that was my fault for not taking a closer look at the quantity. As for the almond milk, I payed three dollars for one quart. I could get twice that for the same price in the grocery store.

My advice? Do your research before buying any of the non produce items. Some of them are a really great deal, others not so much.

How Can I Get My Box?

The IP online platform is so easy to use! Just click here to head to the site. Once there, enter your zip code to see if they deliver in your area. If they do you can then create an account, choose your box and delivery frequency, and enter your payment info. It seriously can’t get any easier than that!

In Conclusion

I would recommend this service to everyone, vegan or not! So far, it has saved me so much time and money. Nust pay attention to the prices and quantity before adding items to your box. The only regret I have is that I didn’t discover this company sooner. So please, do your part in saving the environment and ending food waste. I promise you won’t regret it!

As always my wonderful readers, feel free to drop any questions you have into the comments section. If you purchase a surprise box and need some recipe ideas for some of the more odd items, comment below or email me to request some recipes. Another way to reach me is through my Instagram @theveganmom1

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  1. Hey,
    I found your article very useful, especially because it gives me information about a cheaper option than FFTY. I’ve never used those services but now I feel intrigued and I think I will give IP a try.

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